Rapid Launch for Your Cloud

Hosted private cloud powered by FishOS and OpenStack results from deep expertise, years of professional experience and numerous successful deployments. Software is essential, but it is just a part of the whole private cloud solution. Once chosen, there is still a series of decisions to…

Cloud Technology for Healthcare and Life Science

Cloud computing is relatively recent in healthcare, being largely used in the industry just since 2016. The first improvements it brought were centralized electronic health records (EHR), remote care, delivering medical services to rural areas and low-income patients.

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, companies who had been hesitant to adopt…

FishOS confirmed its status of OpenStack Powered Paltform

We are delighted to announce FishOS cloud management platform has successfully passed 100% of the required OpenStack Interoperability tests and verified its title to be OpenStack Powered Platform.

The OpenStack mission is building a sizeable OpenStack ecosystem that supports its growth and adds value to the core technology platform. Hence…

Public vs Private Clouds. Dangers vs Benefits

Cloud repatriation has become a new global trend. More and more large companies decide to move their data and workload from public clouds back to on-premise or private clouds. What pushes enterprises to invest in hardware and build their own infrastructure? …

Ceph Storage Solutions for Enterprise Private Cloud

The storage solution market is constantly growing and the players are consistently increasing their product offerings. It’s so easy to get lost in the myriads of storage systems. Which one is right for your company model, business area and location?! Some of them are well-known and proven by time; others…

Sardina Systems is among the Top IT Companies in the UK

Best Startup UK, a media company, has recognized Sardina Systems by featuring it on their annual “101 Top English Computer Startups & Firms” list.

Best Startup UK is an online media platform that promotes British businesses and publicizes the annual company lists from various industries to celebrate outstanding innovation, management…

The number of newly founded NGOs announcing Sovereign Cloud development as their primary goal has vastly increased last year. The modern trend of sovereignty becomes the must-have of the season. What should you choose for your cloud data — to be trendy and protected or stay in the dark for…

OpenStack and Kubernetes together bring more benefits to service consumers

Let’s get a closer look at two giant open-source technologies — OpenStack and Kubernetes, how they work together and accomplish each other bringing more benefits to service consumers.

Opinions about Kubernetes and Openstack can be gathered in two main but opposite directions. On one hand, those who believe that OpenStack

Financial support from Deepbridge Capital will speed up the development of innovative technologies in cloud computing and help the company expand to new markets.

Deepbridge Capital invests €1.6M in Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems, an award-winning, leading European cloud software company, FishOS developer and distributor, today, 10 August 2021, announced the successful completion of a Series A funding…

The banks chose private cloud with complete control access, physical location, and security to balance high safety, improved scalability, and the deployment speed of applications and services.

Cloud is here

Over the last decade, cloud computing has become a crucial step in technological development. Cloud allows enterprises to create and…

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A cloud software vendor building on OpenStack & Kubernetes with Zero-Downtime Operations, scalable, no lock-in, and efficient to any enterprise.

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