Why Manage a Cloud Kubernetes Platform with FishOS

  1. A suite of automation tools to address in a reliable manner the full lifecycle of the Kubernetes platform
  2. Agile resources on demand
  3. Greater efficiency
  4. Optimized TCO and reduced hardware cost
  5. High cloud service reliability and scalability for container applications and clusters
  6. Auto healing system with Health Engine feature
  7. Smooth deployment and Zero-Downtime Upgrade
  8. Access to a set of cloud operations, including log management, system monitoring, capacity planning with scalable and highly available push-based monitoring handling both metrics data and log data
  9. Remove the complexity of deploying, operating, and upgrading
  10. Storage orchestration, supporting a broad range of storage options



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Sardina Systems blog

Sardina Systems blog


A cloud software vendor building on OpenStack & Kubernetes with Zero-Downtime Operations, scalable, no lock-in, and efficient to any enterprise.